Monday, March 9, 2009

STA Rider Alert...!

STA Rider Alert...!
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Somebody commented on this photo on Flickr that the ads are an eyesore and everybody would be happy if they kept the benches and got rid of the ads. Here's what I say: In communist countries there were no ads, but somehow it still wasn't utopia. Just the fact that we have a city council member who would want to take away bus riders' seating and another person's advertising income stream makes me want to say something really clever, but I haven't had enough coffee yet.


Fashionably Adorned said...

That's interesting that they want to get rid of the advertising on the benches... I'm sure that those business have paid for that advertising!! so who got that money?? LOL

always sunny said...

my god.
i heard that this morning and wanted to throw up a little bit.

Andrea Baker said...

I don't live there. I don't see anything wrong with the bench really. Someone had a great way to advertise and its been working for how many years? And now someone got a bug in their britches and wants to mandate where and when you can advertise. It's ridiculous.