Friday, March 6, 2009

Small Victory, Still Sweet

I think I just started a poem there with my title. Today I completely cleared off my cutting table and my sewing table. They are both banquet tables by the way. Now I have more room to work. As you can see, I filled up my scrap jar and organized my bobbin threads. My deep thought for the day is: Do something small today. As the drop falls into the bucket, it becomes part of a larger purpose. Now I'll go take a walk, letting the tables enjoy their emptiness before I let loose with my next three bags and an apron or two. (I know I won't even get half of that done today, but I can dream.)


We Blog Artists said...

That's awesome...something perhaps I should attempt to do later this evening.
Have a fantastic weekend, I love visiting your blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks so pretty all together! Congrats on getting something done, no matter how small.

Heather said...

Something I have to do this weekend!! So much easier to think about a new project when the past ones are cleared
Thanks for the extra motivation:)