Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Helping the undiscovered

The treasury I made yesterday morning was on Etsy's landing page this afternoon. I am excited about that for a few reasons. Half of the shops represented in it are either undiscovered or underdiscovered, having zero or very few Etsy sales. I am happy to give those talented artisans a little boost. Secondly, it tells me, yes, Etsy does look at my treasuries and consider them for the front page. Thirdly, it gives me hope that what goes around with come around too. Did I say that right? Six of the sellers featured are very active treasury curators as well. (Four from the treasury team.) When one of us helps another get FP exposure, we usually try to return the favor.

So all of this sort of adds up to a formula for creating successful treasuries:
1)Find some popular curators by going to the craftcult vault and taking note of FP list curators. Include a few of those people in your treasury.
2) Try to find some new shops to include as well by checking out Etsy's pounce feature, or just searching for items you are looking for and clicking on outstanding photos with sellers you have never heard of.
3) Use Etsy's merchandising guide to help you with the theme. This treasury was named September Honeymoon. Use a theme and name that might catch Admin's attention by going with their trends.

Do click on the treasury and through to the items to find out which shops are new. You may be surprised.


KnotOriginal said...

Thanks for the fp feature Cherie and rest assured, I'm one of the curators that always repays the kindness of being featured in treasuries!!!

Randi said...

Gorgeous treasury, no wonder it was featured!
I've always loved that Etsy is a community and it really shows with things like this. One person's kind gesture can go a long way on Etsy.
Thanks for the tips

archdiva said...

Lovely treasury, Cherie.

I'm doing a bit to promote the undiscovered, too, though on my blog. I do a weekly feature called Monday Pounce where I use Etsy's Pounce feature to find a shop with no sales and profile them! After it goes up, I tell the seller about it; they're so happy someone has found them (and a few have gotten sales, too!)


Splendid Little Stars said...

What great tips! I must try for a treasury again soon. I have made only one so far. Yours is quite lovely. Congratulations on the front page!
archdiva's Monday Pounce feature is a great idea!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Cherie~
This is a great post, I hope you'll put it on the team blog. So many good tips for making treasuries.
Congrats on the front page appearance!

StudioCherie said...

KnotOriginal makes wonderful treasuries, so I am so glad to see that comment! I will ask her if she has any tips to share with us.
Randi, you are always so gracious. Thank you for your comment.
Archdiva, great idea, I will take a peek at your blog.
Splendid, I look forward to seeing what you put together.
Karrita, I will forward it to Sandie.

always sunny said...

you deserve a metal.