Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Treasury Tips

raspberry sorbet shrug
Sharon is one of the most popular front page treasury curators on Etsy, click here for the proof. I asked her to share tips, and got this completely humble response. It's so wonderful, I just decided to get out of the way and print it here for you to read...along with a couple of shots from her shop, KnotOriginal.
Tea Party size 6x girls shrug

Hi Cherie,
For the most part I think it's just luck. I always start with 4 sellers that have featured me in treasuries, on their blogs, or who have helped me in the forums. After finding a commonality among their items I choose 4 of my etsy friends to feature. By this point I can see a theme emerging and do a tag search for for the last 4 spots. I only feature items that I truly like and would buy if I had disposable income and when I do tag searches I'm very specific in order to narrow my search. For example, if the 1st 8 items were cream and dark brown, I would search "ivory and espresso" or some equally obscure combination. I don't think there are any all-purpose tips other than to just create treasuries that you really like, I've found that the less I pay attention to what others suggest(even admin), the more success I have.

p.s. It doesn't hurt that I think whoever chooses the 4am fp slot has a crush on me!!!
take care,
Thank you, Sharon!


Heather Leavers said...

ROFL at the 4am crush! hmmm, how to get admin to have a crush on me - I'll need to work on that one.

Splendid Little Stars said...

excellent tips!