Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Pattern Released Today

After waiting about 18 months or so - enough time to have 2 babies - not that I had any babies - the sewing pattern to make the zippered version of my compact travel changing pad bag is out! I think it was worth the wait because there is so much better about it as a product now than a year or two ago. There is a long adjustable strap option, so it can go from fanny pack to cross body and everything in between. The way the corners come together is innovative and I am pretty excited to show it off. I have included printable packaging too, so when you give this as a gift (or sell them - cottage licensing agreement also included,) you can include folding instructions and a little blurb that tells all about how to use it. I am just as excited about this pattern as I was when I originally invented the product in December of 2006. Obviously, I am too tied up to make a bunch of these for boutiques, but I think somebody should. I do have a small selection of baby shower gifts here for those of you who do not sew.
Next up is beautiful burlap Christmas stockings. Yes, I did say beautiful and burlap in the same sentence. I am working on them now. I have no natural light today, otherwise I would give you a preview. I was shooting for today on those, but it looks like Monday. Pray for some sunshine for me.

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Jansie said...

What a clever pattern! I've already purchased mine. :) Can't wait to make it!