Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cherie rambles a bit on artwork licensing

There were a few more people I met on Etsy who have licensed their artwork and it just never worked out to do a full interview. Etsy did a quit your day job article with Becky of PoshDots, who is still in the throes of licensed products launching. Her shop remains impressive even as busy as she is, she has even expanded by putting her artwork on fabric.
By the way, for artists who might like to try their hand at designing art for fabrics, there is Spoonflower. You upload your artwork and spoonflower prints it on a variety of fabric types. You can even let people order your designs directly from Spoonflower. They have frequent contests, so there is a way to see how your work might be received. A number of Etsy sellers design fabric and have it printed at spoonflower, then sell it in their Etsy shops. Click this search to see items listed under the supply category with Spoonflower as a tag. Fabulous! ScarletFig is now licensed with Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I believe the contests at Spoonflower were instrumental in launching Laurie as a fabric designer, but I could be wrong. Laurie is writing a book...I am writing patterns, going to Israel, etc. I will ask her for an interview when I get home. How is that for journalistic instinct? Write about someone then ask for an interview. I think I am fired. Oh, that's right, I am the boss. Still, I think I am fired.
I want to mention KiriMoth, while we are talking fabrics. She is working with HautTotes and designing exclusive fabrics for Melissa's shop.
Reading the full shop announcement for Suzanne Woolcot's Shop, Gorjuss, is impressive. Obviously, a lot of licensing going on there. I hope you get better, Suzanne.
AudreyJeanneRoberts has quite the portfolio if you want to check out someone who has been successfully licensing for a while.
Okay, so now everyone here (I mean literally here) including me, is wondering what is for dinner. I need to answer this question now, even though I have not illustrated this post with any of the many lovelies that could have spiced it up so well. You will just have to click and explore for yourself. I hope you do. I think all of these gals are inspiring. I appreciate their talents and their dedication.

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