Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From Western Stairs at Dome of the Rock

Correct me if I am wrong. Maybe there is a better name for this location. (I am sure that invitation opens a can of worms.) This may be one of the most controversial places on the planet. Believed by both Jews and Muslims to be the location of the creation of Adam, and the location of the sacrifice of Abraham, this spot stirs the heart of both faiths. Jews still refer to it as the temple mount, the site of their only temple, destroyed in 70A.D. Currently, it is the site of a golden dome memorializing a mystical visit by the muslim prophet to this place. The heart of Jerusalem for Muslims is the famous golden dome (my back is to it in this photo,) while Jews seek the heart of Jerusalem underground (literally below my feet.) We walked through the tunnel that is under the Western wall of the city (some of you know it as the wailing wall,) and witnessed devout women fervently praying underground, as close as they can get to the Ark of the Covenant, buried in the Holy of Holies beneath the temple mount. I think my word for Jerusalem is Layers. Our trip was all about geography and history (we covered a lot of both.) I would love to go back again and just have the time to be a person instead of a tourist.

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Valerie said...

The pictures you have posted so far are so amazing! It looks like it was a trip you will not soon forget, and I can't wait to see more photos too.