Friday, December 17, 2010

Notes to self

If you read my notes from this morning, you will see, blogging is not among them, yet, here I am. Shower is also not on the list, but I better do that if I am going to deliver veges and do a photoshoot. The light is good today, so I must carpe diem. This often happens that as I sip my morning coffee and sit with pen and paper - not my notebook, that would be too easy - a piece of scrap paper - not even a full sheet of paper... I start thinking about a project and go ahead and draw out ideas. Now I am going to have to add this piece of paper to my sewing journal because I will want to reference it as I build the bag. As you can imagine my journal resembles a scrap book - a disorganized, random scrap book. I wrote the notes clockwise, but when I read them, I read counterclockwise. It must have to do with always searching for a new perspective. As you can see from the lack of writers group posts, we have not met in a while, and I have not written. That is on the master to-do list in my head. I hope you find some relaxation when you pop in here to look in on me. I know my random world touches yours through this blog and I appreciate it when you take a minute to post a comment. When Gretchen comment last week, that really touched me.


Michele said...

A sewing journal? What a great idea! I've got scraps of notes all over my sewing room that could be contained by a journal. Thanks for the inspiration!

Gretchen said...

our notes look like my notes...

A little drawing, a little sidways writing, some arrows... Just a big mash of what is in my brain!

Getting it on paper is the only way I can sleep at night :)