Friday, December 10, 2010

Thorn Tree - Israel

Thorn Tree - Israel
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We visited this park where our guide said David trimmed down the number of men in his army by how they drank at the stream. Does that sound familiar? Now I am going to have to look it up - later, I mean. It was near Ein Gedi. So as the guide is talking and explaining the significance of this place - I was feeling pretty toured out - this unusual tree caught my eye, and I wandered off a bit to photograph it. Next time, less tour, more time to relax and enjoy. This park would be great in season - see the empty swimming pool in the background? I wandered away from my sewing room for a minute to post this. I am pretty excited about the new bags I am working on. The great thing is I don't have a boss (or a tour guide) cracking the whip (or saying "Let's go folks!")

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Gretchen said...

those trees are so neat!
My grandmother had one in her backyard, the only one I've ever seen in person.

Ironically, the day you posted this was the 1 yr anniversary of her passing... Very cool :)

Thanks for sharing this!