Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sunrise on (and in) the Dead Sea

The sun rose from behind the mountains of Jordan and shone on the Dead Sea. As I watched from my balcony, I thought - what would Rory do? If my husband had been with me, he would have been on the beach to greet the sunrise with his camera. I pondered that for a moment, and since this luxury hotel room had no hot pot for instant coffee, I slipped on my shoes and headed for the beach. I was surprised by the number of sunrise bathers already floating in the sea. This is the only photo I took. I am not usually such a miserly photographer. I must have needed that coffee... The experience of floating in the dead sea was interesting - we did it the night before. The best way I have of describing it is that you have to let your body become a boat. You can not swim or kick. If you do, your "boat" will capsize. I thought lifeguards on this beach were the silliest idea, until I saw a man who kicked his way into a mess of trouble and had to be saved. That is another story.

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