Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where is the love?

Just when I was thinking - come on etsy, I have great new items, my stuff is so Valentine perfect, when are you going to show me the love? My friend Tera comes through with a terrific treasury that makes the front page.

Thank you Tera! Her shop, creativityismessy, shows what a creative powerhouse she is. I have purchased several jewelry and hair accessories from her, and I am really impressed with the quality - plus it was fun to go to her house to pick them out - we are practically neighbors. Her daughter makes wonderful soap as well. The soap shop is germaphobe.
I also want to put in a word for Julian over at craftcult. I think a lot of people take for granted the tools available to us there, but there are people behind that website. Very responsive and constructive people. I contacted Julian a few months ago, sometime after Etsy had put out their API and changed their platform away from flash. I was disappointed that the way Craftcult showed treasuries on blogs - like that one above - had shrunk. Julian worked with me and we went back and forth a few times to find the ideal size for sharing a treasury on blogspot. Since then, Craftcult has launched new tools for us as well. For Etsy sellers, Craftcult is a sweet site.


Victoria said...

That is a lovely treasury and some great shops! Craft cult is fantastic, I'm glad you ladies are hard at work :-)

Jenna said...

I agree with you: You have some great, holiday specific things in your shop. Your photos are good. I checked your tags on your "Sweetheart Proposal Banner" and the only thing I would change here is to add the tag "Conversation hearts".
So I agree with you. Why aren't you getting featured? I make lingerie and have garter belts and waist cinchers perfect for Valentine's Day. My photos are good. Where is the love? What do we need to do to get it?