Sunday, January 9, 2011

color check

color check
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My first Spoonflower fabric is ready! I have got the printed Spoonflower color guide to make sure my colors are exactly what I want. This is as close to perfect they can do on the sweethearts colors. The one I could change is the orange, I could lighten it up, but I think I like it this way. I did scoot the hearts around from the original a little, so a person could cut the fabric in strips and use it as a border or incorporate it into a quilt easily. It also looks great as a whole piece of fabric to make a quick quilt. The white space between the hearts allow room for a quilter to show off her sweet freemotion skillz. Watch for 2 coordinating fabrics. If you want to make banners, this one is ready to order now. I was amazed at how quickly Spoonflower shipped it to me - I had it in hand in less than 7 days. A fat quarter will have 30 usable hearts, which translates into 4 yards of banner. The whole yard has 125 hearts.
Here is the link to the fabric itself at Spoonflower. You can see the other 2 fabrics there as well. They will be ready to order by this time next week.


creativityismessy said...

Looks awesome Cherie! Congrats to you!!

~cori said...

i love the strong orange!
i wouldn't change a thing.
love it.

StudioCherie said...

cori, you are right about the orange. Now that I have worked with it some, I am so glad I did not tone anything down. i know you have an eye for color!