Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Ways to Share on Etsy

CraftCult has still got to be one of my favorite Etsy-related sites. Now we have the ability to share any treasury on our blogs. I love this one probably because my item stands out so well among the other fabulous choices. Another thing we can do is show a slide show of our items - like the one below. This is just my ready to ship bags section of my shop. I love that I can choose just a section if I want. A lot of people have asked Etsy if we could have an item in more than one section of our shops, and so far the answer has been no. So what I did is use the new copy listing function on Etsy to make another copy of my ready to ship bags and add the new listings to my new section. This way, the ready to ship clutches still show in the bridal section as well as the new section. The ready to ship duffles are still in the travel duffle section, as well as the new section, etc. If you make one of a kind items, you probably can't do that, you wouldn't want to sell both of them at the same time if you only had one.

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Laura said...

Thank you for the tip on copy/listing to new section. So simple (that's probably why I didn't think of it).