Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Listen to Your Mother

We had our last rehearsal last night for the Listen to Your Mother Spokane show.  I am in awe of the women in the show and the breadth of the motherhood experience that we will be covering in a one hour show. If you are in Spokane, I hope you will come out on Sunday to listen to me and some other mothers. I will be wearing my pink slip dress and Alice is making me a shirtdress from the pattern I drew up to go on top.  So it's a mini BrandybuckClothiers fashion show too. Check out the Listen to Your Mother blog. From there you can link to the wonderful blogs of the other women in the show, and the national website too.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the matching hanky!!

*fierce squeeze*

Harvard to Homemaker said...

You are going to look awesome! Love the dress and cannot WAIT for Sunday - great job at rehersal:)

StudioCherie said...

Must.. make... hankies...! Thank you Ladies! You are both inspiring to me.