Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things I do in my dreams

There are places I go in my dreams. My dreamscape is my alternate reality in which I dance, travel, wear nothing but a huge ruffle, fly, get weighed (yes, and it was a good dream - my weight said "worthy") sail, dance, grow things in my hair, and talk to centaurs. Sometimes I run and run in my bare feet and just enjoy the scenery and covering ground. Sometimes I run in a panic as I did in the dream where I found Caleb hiding inside a tree (I peeled the bark with my bare hands to find him inside.)I am not sure if the centaurs are people or animals, but they protect us from the wild animals all around our woodland home. Some of my houses have secrets and they make me think of the people who lived there before (like my mother-in-law.) I prefer my outdoor adventures, swimming, flying, running, floating. The cars have a nasty habit of going furiously fast. The bridges can be perilously high. I stay in a lot of hotels. I speak at conferences to which I was not invited. I join sororities.
The treasury is my entry for this weeks challenge. If you are new to Etsy, I recommend the non-team challenges as a great place to make some friends without the commitments you have on other treasury teams. Check them out on their blog.


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Hi Cherie! <3
I love dreaming and I'd love to dream of centaurs! :)