Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cabin Fever Decorating

You know you're tired of Winter when all you can think about is redecorating the house. As I have been working with Amy Butler's bright fabrics for tea party chairs and bags this Fall and Winter, I mentioned to Rory that I would love to redo the house in bright fabrics. He laughed. I think he had a vision of everything turning into bubble gum and tea parties, like this chair I made for Gabrielle.

Sometimes I will leave a couple of my bags on a chair to get him used to the idea. (The chair in the upstairs hall is perfect for that.) He'll come around. By the time I actually redo things, it will be his idea ; ) ...but don't tell him I planned it that way.

This boring couch is going to get redone in a bright green crypton herringbone for the base. Then, for the back, each pillow will be unique and colorful, something like this beauty from Stitch in Dye. Next to it on the wall, I've got room for new art too, like this poster from Strawberryluna.

I'm having fun using poster sketch to look at fabrics and art together. Okay, all done dreaming and planning for today. I have got to get that next pattern out or people will start to think I don't really sew or make patterns, I just blog.


l said...

Wow. I can't wait to see the end result, it will be pretty!

Jill said...

Looking forward to seeing that couch's makeover. Love before and afters!

Randi said...

When Rory starts suggesting that you redo the house in Amy Butler and bold graphic patterns will you give him my husband's phone number? lol. I'll come over and drool on your sofa when you get it done. Ideas like this make me wish I could sew. :)

StudioCherie said...

I woke up this morning thinking I would get started by buying that pillow from Stitchindye, but it was already sold! I guess I'll have to do it all myself. I have visions of my scrap collection shrinking. Yay! I'll post each pillow as I get them done, and two years from now you can see the whole couch. Okay, not two years, maybe this summer.