Monday, April 6, 2009

A sweet profile video

As I was reading through the Storque this morning, I came across this video, and want to share it here because I know some of you don't even know what the Storque is. If you know me, you will see why I like this video so much. It's like we could be sisters or something. Enjoy!


Randi said...

Haha! I love it. I can totally see you crafting puppets of all of our team members and re-enacting a meeting for our blog or something as equally creative!
Coincidentally our church regularly has auditions for puppeteers for the children's ministry and I've created several sets for them. :)

always sunny said...

FANTASTIC. i a, jeallous of her. and i love her. how great! thank you for sharing that.

always sunny said...

i am jeallous of her* is what that was supposed to say in english.