Thursday, April 30, 2009


Though Etsy's landing page may provide us all with our 15 minutes of fame eventually, it is not the Holy Grail of web exposure. To my mind, the ultimate web experience would be to be featured in a wildly popular, professionally produced made for web film. More than 500 entrepeneurs in Seattle are gearing up to bring such a vision to life. I am excited about the possibility of heading over the mountains to take part in it. Watch the preview and you will see what I am excited about.


HeddyShea said...

Checking it out now!

elsie said...

keep us posted sounds like fascinating scintillating FUN!!

Randi said...

Well ok then, just shoot down my excitement about reaching the Etsy Holy Grail. I guess I need to find myself a video camera now. lol. ;)

StudioCherie said...

Oh my gosh Randi. Maybe the FP was more effective for you than it was for me. I did sell a copy of that bag though, and I guess that is the point. I am going to try to put a similar video session together here in Spokane after I get back from the Seattle shoot. I really did not intend to dampen anyone's enthusiasm. Maybe that's why this post got so little feedback. Did I put my foot in my mouth?