Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mohammed Ali Mosque Cairo

Mohammed Ali Mosque Cairo
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Obviously, this is another spot I would have loved to linger and not be with a tour group. Rory would have figured out how to get some elevation and shoot that lion. I love looking up at his mouth though. The sun was setting. We had to rush through the tour so they could close the place for the night. The light was perfect I think. A month in Cairo to take it in sounds about right. Two days was just a taste. Oh, I think my favorite thing I ate there was dove. Not a dove bar, dove meat.


Valerie Boersma said...

Oh Cherie-I just have to say it-did it taste like chicken?
This trip of yours sounds so, so interesting! I'm looking forward to more posts about it:)

Laura said...

Valerie beat me to my question. LOL!
Since I couldn't be a mouse in your pocket, it is nice to journey with you vicariously. :O)
I took a peek at your photos on flicker. I must go back and linger with a cup of tea.

StudioCherie said...

You know how turkey tastes different from chicken? Dove is like that. Tastes different enough to know it is not chicken. It was in a sauce too, like a light gravy. All of the food on our trip was more healthy than what we typically find here. Lots of salad bars and no pork. I was craving ham when we got home...