Monday, March 7, 2011

writing and reading and just taking notes sometimes

I like to write. I think all of us who blog have that in common. Unlike Jane Austin -I am sure she would have blogged, right? - I do not have a room of my own. I share everything with my husband and children. I have no place to lock myself away for hours or minutes on end to just ponder and write. I have even taken to saying, I am going to the bathroom now, don't anyone follow me! I find the best place to pull my thoughts together is on the treadmill at the Y. It was there this morning that the idea occurred to me to go ahead and list some of the things I will include in stories one day. Some writers have files of notes they can refer to, I will have my own blog.
On Mothers Day, I will be reading a rare (and therefore, valuable) story from my own life as a mother. The event is called Listen to Your Mother. Click on the link to see their blog, event details, and the list of women who were chosen to read at the event. I spent some time the other day clicking through the list to read the blogs there, and I can tell you this will be a memorable event. If you are near Spokane, bring your mother to hear us and laugh and maybe cry too. I am humbled to be a part of this.
Notes for today:
My own thoughts on domestic life-
A house is just a house. It's the people that make it an insane asylum.
If I hired a housekeeper, it would not save me any time, but I would have a clean house.
On Philosophy-The narcissist sees everything is about them.
The reflective person sees themselves in everything.
The deep person sees beyond themselves in everything.
The creative person sees other ways in everything.
Places I go where I am glad I no longer have pre-schoolers-
The grocery store
The beach
An airplane
The car
The shower
On being creative-
One word, Everyday

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