Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sewing Journal

While my story writing suffers at the moment, my sewing journal is getting filled fast. This year, I am even dating my entries. I decided to go ahead and use the journal from left to right and fill it up one page at a time with all my notes for sewing projects. I know this sounds elementary to some of you. If it does, you don't share the love of random and chaos that fuels my creativity. In previous years, I have tried to organize myself by having subject driven journals. Alas, the proper subject journal was not always handy, so notes on slipcovering were scrawled on sheets of paper that were later added to the furniture journal. These loose notes would then fall out into my bag at some point to be collected about 4 months later when I cleaned out the bag and put back into the proper journal as soon as I could locate which bag contained the furniture journal. Repeat this process for my bag journal, clothing journal, writing journal, random idea journal, and business journal.

I am using one from ScarletFig. I feel extra cool since one of her journals was just featured on design*sponge.


Laurie Wisbrun | Scarlet Fig said...

I love the way you're using the journal. And dating your entries... I ALWAYS forget to do that. Thanks for the reminder!!

Danielle Renee said...

I didn't think I was the journaling type until I realized that I could have different types of journals, like you mentioned. Once I figured that out it was like journaling became new and exciting, because I didn't have to follow the "rules" of a normal journal. That being said I still really only have two journals. My design journal( mainly pictures and scribbles and color) and my dream journal.