Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Community Engaging

I hope you think about giving to the needy this time of year. My daughter and I recently attended an event to kick off a great community project called Project Beauty Share. There are homeless women in our city (yours too I am betting) who need basics like tooth brushes and shampoo. I discovered that the shelters appreciate womens clothing donations of nice things they can wear to a job interview. I always gave away clothes to Goodwill and never thought about giving them to a place that can use them directly. Donating to the food bank is easy. You buy extra at the grocery store and put it in the donation bin. Do that at least. If you are ready to take another step, find the womens shelters in your area and donate what they need directly to them. Here is a link at the project beauty share site that shows the Spokane charities and some drop off sites.

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Splendid Little Stars said...

Great idea!
In my town, there was last year, a need for men's clothing. I was aware of an organization that helps homeless people by feeding them a meal, giving them a place to shower, and giving them clothing. The men coming there were wearing women's clothes. Apparently more women donate their clothing than do men. So I emailed some neighbors and friends, and the donations of men's wear poured into my house. I then drove them to the organization. Easy. fun. and people love to give.
How wonderful of you to remind us right now!
On my current blog post I have written about 4 blogs who are helping various causes. Come see!