Monday, November 2, 2009

Word of the Week Engaging

Lindsay and Charlie had a great little fabric shop on Etsy. I bought from them a few times. I was happy to get an email from them announcing their new online fabric shop. Since I was already a customer, they even created an account for me to save me time. Their email and their site is an object lesson in effectively engaging the customer.
The email is packed full of action points - five different links to engage with their new site. All great reasons and incentives to do so. First, a general site link- okay, I'm curious. Then, an "activate your account" link- tempting, I probably will. It is my account after all. Third time's a charm, they clinched it for me with the "tiered pricing" link - I am definitely clicking on this one. "Shop by color" was the next link - oh, goody! A "share your handmade creations" link - Does it get any better than this? It's Friday night. I take this email of of my "to-do on Monday" list. I can't wait to click, I have to do it now! Lindsay and Charlie know their customers and created a shop that fully engages us. I shared some photos on their site, ordered 6 yards of fabric at great prices, and had a lot of fun exploring. I think you will love the shop too. Hawthorne Threads. Thank you Lindsay and Charlie - for the lesson and thanks for a great new shopping place.


Heather Leavers said...

that site does look good. I was very impressed with the customer appreciation discount - the more you've spent, the more you save. Great idea - now, to think about how I can adapt that for myself? ;-)

StudioCherie said...

Good point, Heather. I think not all of the things a supply seller does automatically translates to those of us who sell handmade. I think some kind of loyalty program is good to think about though.

mkhquilts said...

Cherie-Loved the site from just a few minutes of exploring! It is getting late, so I must stop for now, but thank you for the link.
Mary H