Thursday, November 19, 2009

Food Bank Challenge

I saw a news report recently that showed a couple at the food bank. A couple who used to give to the food bank were now in need of it themselves. The husband had been out of work for about 9 months. It made me think I should be doing more than giving when the boyscouts come by and ask, or when the school holds a food drive. Here is what I have started doing, and I want to challenge you to join in. When I do my grocery shopping now, and buy extras of some of the same things that we eat, I have the grocery clerk bag them separately and I ask them to give it to the food bank. I am doing this just a little bit with each grocery trip, and wanting to make it a habit. Do you think more about ways to help the needy this time of year? Chicken soup charm found at CharmedbyKaren


Waterrose said...

It just takes a little to help a lot. Our grocery story has boxes at the front of the store to put food in. So I just buy some extra and place them in the boxes as I leave. We always buy several turkeys and take them to the foodbank so that people can have Thanksgiving dinner.

Valerie Boersma said...

There are so many people who need help that it is almost overwhelming, but I am thankful that my family is in a position to help. This is an inspiring post Cherie because there are so many things one can do-seemingly little things-but they add up to make a huge difference!