Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feel, Felt, Found

toaster and pastries pdf pattern by GulfCoastPDF

I know several of you are feeling crazy about making stuff out of felt, and here's what I found....

Sometimes it's easier to get a pattern and follow it than trying to make it up yourself. GulfCoastCottagePDF has the cutest felt food and imaginative toys for children - in pattern form. Having one of these patterns would be like sitting at the feet of a master. You won't even believe how cute this stuff is.

retro robot by GulfCoastPDF

I have a new gadget here on the blog - look in the right column, under "How to Make Stuff." I have linked to other blogs that have tutorials, some widely known and some smaller ones. I have tried to categorize them for you. So if you love to make stuff, like I love to make stuff... I forget how the rest of the song goes (maybe it's "boy, boy, boy, what a blog?")...I think I need my refrigerator magnets now! If you know of a link that should appear in my "How to Make Stuff" thingy, please leave a comment.

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twenty pound tabby said...

Wow, those are amazing and incredibly cute!