Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Shoe Philospher, Part 3 of 5

conductor's cap by StebbyLee Studio

Although I appreciated the sorority girl’s put together look, I was always more relaxed in the company of men, and thus, never cultivated the desire to accessorize. My own shoe closet closely resembled a man’s. It consisted of hiking boots, running shoes, cross trainers, bicycling shoes, and 2 pairs of leather pumps (one black and one brown.) I could not tell you the brand name or designer of the dress shoes. Those details were of no consequence to me. For years, my favorite accessory was a baseball cap.

baseball brains magnet by LabelStone

With only a glancing awareness of accessories and their meaning and power in the feminine mind, I always puzzled over my lack of influence with other women. Couldn’t they see the freedom I had in going to my closet and choosing the black or the brown? Women should have been knocking down my door to find out how I maintained such a high self-image on such a low shoe budget!

digital collage by cemerony

Part 4 - the epiphany - next week.


Julia said...

Thank You Cherie ! Looks great . And your story is so just like me :) I never had high heels ever !

StudioCherie said...

You'll enjoy the next part too, then.