Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Shoe Philospher, Part 2 of 5

journal by OctavineIllustration
I had a theory that I tested in my 20’s:
I asked well-turned-out women if they had belonged to a sorority.

Yes! Without exception, the women who obviously knew the secrets of accessorizing, the women with the big shoe closets and the drawer that was just for belts, and the cache of jewelry for any occasion were sorority sisters.

My plans to be a mover and shaker would have to be put on hold.

(I was kicked out of the sorority - not telling the story, so don't ask.)

First, I needed to hire a Grecian goddess to shop for me.

Grecian Goddess Wall Art by TackledandShackled


Unknown said...

i think i can accessorize okay, and i was not in a sorority. in fact, i went to a college without a greek system. but i'm sure some sisterly advice would have helped!~
thanks for including my journal. lovely blog!~

StudioCherie said...

Your illustrations are definately well-turned-out!