Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sibling Rivalry - Martha Stewart Style - Part 1

My sister actually buys Martha Stewart's magazine, so she's got a leg up on me. When we were visiting over Thanksgiving, I was oohing and aahing over the many cool projects in the November 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living. (Some projects still available at the marthastewart website which she doesn't want linked to without permission; thus no link here. The lamb may show as first published in 2006.)

When I came to the beaded monogram to decorate Christmas packages, I said, "Let's do this together tomorrow." She looked at me like I had just spoiled her big surprise, and said "No, I'm doing it." I asked her a question about the gauge of the wire, and she said "I am not telling you anything about wire gauges."

So the first monogram I made was for her. I can hardly wait to mail it.

But then again, she made this adorable lamb, using the pattern in the magazine. So I'd say she wins this round. I'll bet the next time I go over there, she hides Martha Stewart Living.

I heard that felting wool sweaters in the washing machine can really clog up your pipes unless you put them inside a pillow case first. I seriously considered not telling her this tidbit...
Not really.

I love you, Carol!

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Amanda Stephan said...

funny! Sounds like my mom and I! :)