Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Google Thinks About this Blog

I know I've only done a few posts, but right now, according to Google's keyword tool, Google thinks my blog is about polymer clay. I hate to even say those words again, for fear that Google will boost my page ranking in the many popular polymer clay blogs. Well, it's a learning curve. I just want to say, this blog will be mainly about sewing because that is what I do best. You can ask my family. I sew better than I cook, way better than I clean, and better than I play soccer or mold little dogs out of polymer clay.

And to both of you who read this blog, I will continue to show and talk about other things I think you will enjoy with me. Maybe someday Google will see me as "the sewing blog formerly known as the polymer clay blog."

For your sewing pleasure...This is my wildly popular sewing pattern for a professional looking sweet coin purse. It is my first PDF format pattern. Now I also have the sunglass case and the compact travel change pad bag in PDF format as well. Any of my patterns would make a great gift for the person who sews in your life. Take that and google it. See, I am all about the sewing.

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