Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Handmade Procrastinator's Guide to Dressing Up Girls

On Tuesday, my daughter came home with the invitation to her Christmas concert on Wednesday. No problem, it's been on the calendar for a while. I read it just for fun, and it says "dress up." Panic! Now the Christmas dress I was going to make next week (maybe) needs to get made in the morning (absolutely.)

Here is a very simple (for those of us who sew) no pattern dress up solution. Start with baggy tee shirt so you don't even have to add seam allowance when tracing for your pattern. Use narrow elastic to gather the skirt at the (high) waist so you are not adding bulk. Finish with a big ol' sash. My daughter pointed out to me after the concert that I made it upside down. "How's that?" I asked. She showed me that the fabric has a nap, so if you pet it it is supposed to feel smooth going down and I made it upside down. She's definitely hired (when she's old enough.) Lord knows, I need the help.

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