Saturday, December 13, 2008


"Follow Me" by Sonia Romero
Hand printed linocut

My friend, Rachel, who is truly a lovely human being who also makes beautiful jewelry and yummy lip balm, suggested I add the follower gadget.

votive holders by babbittdesigns

I guess it's what you do when you blog.
following artwork by krisblues

I think it puts me one step closer to twittering or face booking.

custom cheerleader uniform by cutiefruity

When my virtual friends outnumber my physical friends, I am going to have a "welcome to the 21st century" party - virtual, of course. Gotta figure out how to use E-vite...

hearts by zantie

"the sage" cube necklace by Rachel323

Peppermint Lip Balm Rachel323

1 comment:

always sunny said...

what a beautiful blog you have here!
thank you so much for putting my little things on it! stay warm this weekend!