Friday, January 16, 2009

Oops! What do you do?

I received an email from a most wonderful Etsy buyer who kindly pointed out a mistake on my best selling pattern! It's a tiny typo and easy to figure out, maybe that's why the 50 people before her never mentioned it? Still, it needed fixing. I promptly emailed her one of my other PDF patterns as a thank you. We were both exceedingly grateful to one another. Happy ending. Do you have an "oops!" story with a happy ending? I'd love to read it. By the way, "oops" is a fun search to do on Etsy.
cupcake is an oops listing from LilyBaySoap


City Chic Country Mouse said...

One of our oopsies was cutting out an ironing board cover and not paying attention to which way the pattern of the fabric was going. It ended up that the horses were upside down when you stand the ironing board on end. No problem for some, we'll offer it as an oopsie in our store or give it to a friend.

Lori P said...

My favorite "oops" moment is about 21 years old. We were newlyweds and I was making a mexican dish for company. The recipe for guacamole called for 2 garlic cloves. I didn't know what garlic cloves were so I added two HEADS of garlic. Mind you, this was a small bowl of guacamole. The only one who would eat it was a garlic lover and his wife said you couldn't stand to be around him for 2 days after that!

StudioCherie said...

City Chick - my main source of fabric scraps is pieces I cut upside down! Hahaha.

Waterstone - Your story is laugh out loud funny. Thank you for sharing it!

Jill said...

I'm afraid I'll still sort of new on Etsy and haven't had an Oops yet. I'm sort of waiting on one to happen, hee hee.