Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Peddle it like Peterman

Stag Secret- Vintage Locket Necklace by TheHandofFatima
This blog post about the origins of the Mary Jane shoe, got me thinking. We have a longing for history and a fascination with narrative. Seinfeld made fun of it, but who could put down a J. Peterman catalog? It was so full of adventure and romance. If true art elicits emotion, then marketing becomes an art when photos and description combine to move us to obtain the desired object. Look deeper into the old marketing adage, "find a need and fill it." Living in abundance as we do, chances are our physical needs are met. What need is left? There is true need for originality, authenticity, beauty, romance, identification, and more. I have found some descriptions particularly provocative and appealing to emotional needs. I offer them here as inspiration both to those of us who market on-line and those who "go to market" on-line.

J. Peterman himself would drool over every item in Urban Heirlooms' Shop.
leather key fob by urbanheirlooms

ToyBreaker combines masculine wit with excellent photography, while at MixedSpecies, it's all about the wit.
Cats Tooth Necktie by toybreaker

For a good clean laugh, check this out! soap by DirtySanchez

MyDeepBlueC will dress you like a rock star, even if you quit band in the 6th grade. customized boys jeans by mydeepbluec

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