Thursday, January 15, 2009

Never Say Never

I knew it would tempt someone beyond their ability to resist. It was not bait. It was an honest evaluation. Still some people just can't help themselves. It is so fun to prove someone wrong.

When I said my cute bag would never make it to the front page, I meant it. Now it's in this treasury with so many really pretty things. I am afraid it almost ruins it. Will someone please buy it before it gets to the front page, so the worthy alternate with a prettier picture (I'm sure) can take its place? It really is a wonderful, cute bag. I just had a hard time photographing it.
Do you catch yourself when you are tempted to say it? Or do you fly in the face of fickle fate, and cry "never! never! never!"


Anonymous said...

Awww, definitely Etsy FP-worthy! It's super cute!

Jen said...

this bag is super cute!

M Dawson said...

If I had some money I would definiltely buy that I LOVE bags!!! Good luck with a sale :-)

Jill said...

That bag is super cute, of course it made the Treasury!

Btw, is there a way you can know if your item makes a treasury or did that person tell you? Either way, congrats!

StudioCherie said...

You guys are so sweet. I sent you a message, Random Moments, answering your question.