Thursday, January 22, 2009

Take Me Home, Country Road

John Denver journal/album by VintagePaperWorks
I was doing the grocery shopping this morning and the in-store musack was that John Denver song. It made me think of myself when I was my daughter's age, singing along to his happy music. I wondered if anybody can afford to be that low key anymore (maybe I should have said "laid back" because I did not intend a musical pun there.) I thought "I bet you don't have this on your Ipod!" Then it made me think "but you could have this." (Strawberryluna's artwork on your ipod. The link is to her blog post about it.)

Then John sang "...West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home..." and I thought of the most refreshing featured seller interview I have ever read on Etsy's blog. Dolan Geiman being from Virginia and maybe about as unpretentious as John Denver himself. ...Sweet times in between the English muffins and the bananas...


Gaytha said...

This is great! I used to play my mom's records all the time!

Dolan Geiman said...

Hi there Cherie!

It's very sweet of you to mention my work and interview with Etsy on your blog! The John Denver likening only sweetens the deal.

Just wanted to pop by and give you a quick thanks. There are some very, very beautiful pieces over in your shop - keep up the great work!!

All best,
Dolan Geiman