Friday, January 23, 2009

Embroidery Made Easy

Proving that I really do sew, here is a tip on how I do some fun embroidery work without going blind or poking my fingers. To get the hand sewn look I have created here on your sewing machine is easy.
  1. Fill your bobbin with heavy thread, like upholstery thread or, as I used in these examples, denim top-stitching thread.

  2. The thread in the top of your machine should match the fibers in your fabric.

  3. For free-hand designs like the faux gilding in the banner photo, back the fabric with stabilizer and insert the fabric and stabilizer into an embroidery hoop. (No hoop necessary if you will be using a normal presser foot and feed dogs to make a simple design, like the flower below.) The hoop will give you something to hold onto and "steer" with as you use free-motion stitching to fill in the desired area with your design.

  4. Draw your design or, if you like to wing it like I do, draw the borders of your design area on the stabilizer. You will be stitching from the back side, on the stabilizer, (on the inside of the hoop if you are using a hoop.)

  5. After you take the first stitch, pull up the bobbin thread through the fabric, so you are not stitching over that tail of thread. Stitch your design, following your drawing or your imagination.

  6. After the last stitch, cut the threads and pull the tail of the bobbin thread through the fabric to the back side where you will tie the two threads together. Also tie the beginning stitch. If you have trouble pulling the thread through, thread the bobbin tail thread onto a needle and pass it through the fabric that way.

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Regina Moore said...

Great tutorial!


Thank you. I haven't used the thicker bobbin thread. That is a good idea.