Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting Paid to Live in Paradise - Queensland

tee shirt by JettasNest

Queensland Austrailia is looking for someone to come live on an island paradise for 6 months and blog about it. The person who is chosen will also be paid a six figure income. After the Austrailian tourism board announced the contest yesterday, their website crashed and I was unable to enter : ( Read a good version of the full story here. The good news is they are accepting applications through February 22nd. Maybe we will submit ours after the initial rush has passed. My kids think we've already won and are packing their bags. Who wouldn't want to use our family to advertise the Great Barrier Reef? With a teenager on board, we'd probably call the video blog "Finding Emo."

Whoever gets picked will find some wonderful Etsy artists in Queensland.


JuliaA said...

i went to queensland once and it's gorgeous. diving on the great barrier reef is unbelievably beautiful!

(lol at "finding emo")


From Athena's Desk said...

Wow... what a job that wold be!!

Greetingfriends said...

I heard about this on the news!
I need a vacation.

Valerie said...

Oh to hug a palm tree everyday. That would be heaven! Good luck!!

3GIRLS & a goat said...

thanks for including my petite gift envelopes with cards and seals, they have been very popular over the festive season.... and yes, all is great in the "Sunshine State" so better get your entry in