Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Sew a Slip Cover

As soon as I finish this posting, I will be officially listing my tea party chair slip cover pattern for sale in my shop. This pattern is made specifically to cover the IKEA AGEN child's wicker chair. I also have one of their plastic chairs called NYFIKEN, so that pattern will be coming out shortly.

I am excited about my new packaging- everything stuffed (neatly) into a printed white envelope.

If you don't mind leaving a comment here, I would love to know what kind of chair you would like to see me cover and make a pattern for you to copy.


Megan said...

Wow, Cherie! That looks great. I'll have to pick up some of those chairs on my next visit to Ikea and then buy your pattern. I love your slipcovers--perfect for little tea parties. Congrats on the new product.

StudioCherie said...

I can hardly wait to see what fabrics you pick for your girls!